VOIP (Voice Over IP) Networks

Design, Implementation, Testing & Commissioning of VOIP Products from IP Telephony System (IP PBX Servers worked on Cisco Call Manager, Avaya, Linux Open Platform, Ubuntu, Topex IPBX, Yeastar & Grand Stream), P/ Analog/ Digital Phones, ATA Products, Etc.

For Telephone Exchange/VOIP Operators

Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Softswitch, Eones, Media Gateways (IP to PSTN), Announcement Servers.(worked on Veraz Network - Dialogic INC., Topex Softswitch, media Gateways).

Installation & Termination of Cables at MDF (Main Distribution Frame) for Copper and ODE for Fiber Optic Cables

Data Networks

Design, Implementation, Testing & Commissioning of Aggregation Switches, Distribution Switches, DSLAM for ISP.

Triple Play Services (Voice, Data & Video)

Design, Implementation, Testing & Commissioning of *GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks) & EPON- OLT (Optical Line Terminal Units), ONT (Optical Network Terminal), ONU(Optical Network Unit), VEF (Voice Enhanced frame) for new Residential areas Using Fiber As the backbone for FTTH. Products used M/s. Dasan Networks.

FTTH (Fiber To The Home)

Design, Implementation, Testing & Commissioning of Passive Networks Fiber Optic Cable - Installation in New & Old Routes. Performed Manual Route Survey & GIS survey for direct Buried Routes. Provide CAD Documentation of the Proposed Routes. Excavation, HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling), Installation of Manholes, Hand holes, Ducts (110mm, 40mm), Subducts (25mm, 32mm). Laying of FOC, Installation of ODE (Optical Distribution Frame), Splicing, Termination and Testing of OFC. Provide the Final As -built of the Cable Route.

GSM,3G,LTE Networks

Installation & Alignment of 3G, LTE Antennas, RRU & BTS Units, Cabling of electrical and Fiber Cable from Antenna to BTS System and Internal Cabling in Shelter Room.

Installation and Alignment of Microwave Antennas

Installation of GSM Gateways for Mobile or VOIP Operators --- GSM to VOIP to Analog Trunk.

Installation of 3G & 4G Routers